If eating better is on your list of priorities for the coming year, consider accessing some of the incredible resources provided by the Chicken Farmers of Canada online.    They have created a dedicated area on their website called the “Health Portal” that provides a number of great links and information to help people achieve their health goals.    The Chicken Farmers of Canada want their customers to know that choosing chicken is a versatile and nutritious choice when it comes to planning meals.   And since Canadian Chicken is some of the highest quality produced poultry in the world and abundant in supply, we should be choosing it more often.

We love the Nutritional Comparison section which allows you to compare chicken to other meats.    The comparison provides a drop down menu of different types of chicken cuts (and dark and white meat variations).  Simply choose your chicken cut and then compare it to another drop down menu of meat options.   The page will give you two vertical reports of the fat content, calories, protein and other important facts about both meats being evaluated.   Not to spoil it for you, but you may be surprised to find how much more healthy most cuts of chicken are compared to other types of meat, including game birds (duck), lamb or pork and even processed meats.

In addition to their quick links, they offer a variety of newsletters on niche health concerns including salt reduced diets, weight management, women’s health and diabetes.   Each newsletter style resource is jam packed full of tips and guides to incorporate healthy chicken in to a nutritious diet.   These resources can be downloaded in .pdf format or they can be ordered directly on the site for delivery in printed copy form.

The Chicken Farmers of Canada have taken that extra step by not only telling us what is healthy for us, but showing us how to successfully incorporate more chicken into our diet easily.  We are also a big fan of the incredible recipes that they provide on their website as well which makes cooking chicken for dinner anything but boring!   The Chicken Farmers of Canada are actively engaged on Twitter so jump in and say hi to their moderators and learn more about why Chicken is a great choice for your health.